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11 CCB Clients get CPs.  One on Air
Payson, AZ; Flagler Beach, FL; WQEE-LP Newnan, GA; Dixon, IL; South Bend, IN; Somerset, KY; WZLW-LP Husser, LA; MD; Salisbury, MD; Poplar Bluff, MO; Espanola, NM; and Dale City, VA.  

If you want to be first on the air in your state, contact CCB about equipment!


              3/19 FCC has Granted 1,089 LPFM CPs, 14 are On-Air

Virtually all applicants that do not have a Constuction Permit and are not "Accepted for Filings" are "Mutually Exclusive" - multiple applications for the same frequency in the same area
Click for details (PDF file
  Petitions to Deny or Informal Oppositions are the only blocks to "Accepted"  applications becoming Construction Permits.  The FCC has completed "classifying" all the Applications - see the Scorecard to the right.  Some numbers are rounded based on conflicting data.

Based on the FCC's "fast track", all applications should either result in CP's or be Dismissed in the next few months. The total number of CPs could exceed 2,000.  Even if all new LPFM CPs are issued next year, permittees could take three years to get on the air and some will never build.  Regardless, the total number of new stations will be "historic"!

If your Application is "mutually exclusive" with other applicants the competition can be fierce.  By law, the FCC cannot use auctions to determine who gets a Non-Commercial Educational license.  Low Power FM Construction Permits are awarded based on a "Point System", technical changes (site and channel changes), voluntary time-share agreements, and, as a final resort, involuntary time-sharing between the oldest applicants with the most points.  

CCB will be offering a wide range of post-filing services such as moves to resolve Mutually Exclusive situations, technical and administrative changes, time-share negotiations, and sale of LPFM broadcast equipment to applicants who receive a Construction Permit.  

CCB offers “turnkey assistance” from preliminary planning to when you sign-on to begin broadcasting.  We handle the complex FCC functions for you.  We are not “arm-chair advisors”  – we own and operate our own Low Power station (GraceFMcanton.com). 


        2013 LPFM Window 

Applications Filed 2,805
Dismissed     431
# Net applications 2374
On Air / Licensed 14
Construction Permits 1,089
CPs w calls 422 w/out 667
MX and unprocessed 908
Accepted for Filing 363
Total 2,374
     2000-2001 LPFM Window 
Applications Filed 3258
Dismissed  1926
CPs Granted 1328
CPs Lapsed / cancelled 425
Total Licensed 907
License cancelled 129
Licensed and Silent      15
Licensed / on air 778


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