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National Tests Delayed by FEMA to Wednesday, October 3
Participation is mandatory for all broadcasters including LPFM stations. 

The EAS National Periodic Test has been re-scheduled for Wednesday, October 3th at 2:20 EDT because of Hurricane Florence. The test will be delivered by IPAWS simultaneously regardless of time zone.  Your station’s “contact person” must personally monitor the test and note time received and retransmitted, audio quality and volume, etc.

Now log into your ETRS account and verify everything – contact information, facility location, stations your EAS monitors, etc.  Make any necessary corrections immediately.  Do not delay until the test day!

Like last year, every broadcaster must log into the ETRS system by midnight EDT on the test day and file Form 2 with answers to two “yes”/”no” questions: Did you receive the test? Did you re-transmit it?

By November you should log in and complete Form 3.  Answers should be based on your EAS test print-out and your own day-of-test observations.  Many stations complete Form 3 immediately after filing Form 2.

Certificate Authority – Separate from the NPT, the FCC and FEMA have implemented a Certificate Authority security protocol.  All broadcasters using Digital Alert (DAS) or Sage EAS equipment must update their software by September 24 (after the NPT) so their equipment can continue to certify (validate) IPAWS messages.  Contact these manufacturers by email or phone for instructions.  Gorman Redlich and Trilithic do not use Certificate Authority. 

EAS participation is far more than an annual test.   Broadcasters are required to regularly (weekly if possible) print out, review, sign, file in a folder marked “EAS” and keep for at least two years.  This folder should also contain your EAS Handbook which you should be familiar with.  The FCC can show up at any time without notice, demand that whoever opens the door show all this information to them.  Failure to fully comply could result in substantial fines.    
Email JohnBroomall@Yahoo.com or phone 770 720-1037
if your station needs professional assistance of any type or broadcast equipment.


                2013 LPFM Window 

Applications Filed 2,787
Dismissed/Cancelled/Lapsed __1245
Net applications 1,542
On Air / Licensed 1451
Unbuilt Construction Permits 91
Net Total 1,632
              2000-2001 LPFM Window 
Applications Filed 3258
Dismissed  1926
CPs Granted 1328
CPs Lapsed / cancelled 425
Total Licensed 907
License cancelled 129
Licensed and Silent      15
Licensed / on air 778

     See Recnet.com for detailed scorecard

6/30/18 FCC Report: 2,171 Licensed LPFMs



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