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CCB Turnkey Assistance
Our “turnkey assistance” from preliminary planning to sign-on and legal operation of your non-commercial station includes complex FCC functions.  We are not “arm-chair advisors”  – we own and operate WPCG-LP 103.7, Canton, Georgia, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in May. Our website is GraceFMcanton.com   

       Florida and Texas to be in Final LPFM MX Settlement Window

The FCC is processing Mutually Exclusive (MX) LPFM applications by in three groups.  Since July 10, 248 applicants (79 MX groups) in all  Western States, except Texas and parts of Missouri, have been filing major amendments and time-share agreements.

Currently FCC Commissioners are reviewing a proposed Public Notice which is expected to cover all remaining states except Florida and Texas.  Applications are being processed in the order received.  If you are not ready email JohnBroomall@Yahoo.com or call 770 720-1037. No one knows the timetable except that the FCC hopes to process all 2,800+ LPFM applications from 2013 this year. 

More than 1,200 Construction Permits have already been issued; more than in the first four years following the initial 2000-01 LPFM Window.  The total number of CPs could reach 2,000.  LPFM permittees have three years to get on the air; some will never build.  Regardless, the total number of new stations will be "historic" and could double or triple the current number of Low Power FM stations.

CCB offers a wide range of services such as amendments to resolve Mutually Exclusive situations, technical and administrative changes, and time-share negotiations.  CCB can provide fund-raising advice and sells quality broadcast equipment to applicants with Construction Permits, tailored to your needs and budget.


                Current LPFM Window 

Applications Filed 2,826
Dismissed __564
Net applications 2,262
On Air / Licensed 115
Unbuilt Construction Permits 1,126
(1,256 LPFMs w/ call letters)
MX and unprocessed 1,021
Total 2,262
              2000-2001 LPFM Window 
Applications Filed 3258
Dismissed  1926
CPs Granted 1328
CPs Lapsed / cancelled 425
Total Licensed 907
License cancelled 129
Licensed and Silent      15
Licensed / on air 778


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